Meet our Team

At Progressive Consulting, we employ several of the most well‐known experts in the Oil & Gas regulatory industry. These individuals are able to provide you with first‐class knowledge and experience in regulatory compliance and permitting within the largest drilling basins across the United States. Our Regulatory Analysts have established reputations and strong working relationships with state and federal agencies in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Obtaining permit approvals and staying in compliance with required reporting can be overwhelming, so the Progressive team’s goal is to provide you with practical guidance and deliver the support needed to help keep your company successful during drilling and completion operations.

At Progressive Consulting, we strive to bring leadership, strong work ethic, communication and confidence to our clients. Our team members build upon that foundation, but also bring additional, distinct assets as shared by each team member below:

Julie, Senior Regulatory Analyst

B.A., Western Michigan University
“A hard‐working, dedicated team player”
Originally from Michigan, Julie moved to Colorado in 2008. She is part of the Team Luna Chix and Chi Omega Alumni group, and likes running, snowboarding, camping and being outdoors.

Ashley, Senior Regulatory Analyst

B.S., University of Colorado
Golden, Colorado native. Ashley enjoys finding new sports to enjoy with her husband and daughter: Skiing, Biking, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Swimming. She is an avid camper, and traveler.

Derek, Regulatory Analyst

B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder
"A committed and persistent person who loves taking on new challenges and learning new things every day"
Derek was born and raised in the suburbs of Denver, CO. He is extremely passionate and dedicated to serving his church and his community as well taking on other challenges such as running, biking, and hiking.

Rachel, Regulatory Analyst

B.S. Metropolitan State University
A hard working, goal oriented, and compassionate person who enjoys new challenging learning experiences. Born and raised in Colorado Rachel enjoys spending time with family, boating, running, and traveling.

Ariana, Regulatory Analyst

B.A. University of Colorado
"Determined and detail oriented worker who is always willing to go the extra mile" Born and raised in Austin, TX and moved to Boulder in 2011 to study Geology at the University of Colorado. In my free time I enjoy hiking and backpacking with my very adventurous Chihuahua.

Stephany, Regulatory Analyst

M.B.A, M.A., University of Denver
A Colorado native who has lived abroad in several countries, Stephany brings a diverse background to her professional life which allows her to see a problem from various perspectives and generate innovative solutions. She is dedicated to her community and spends many weekends volunteering with the Denver Zoo and Junior Achievement.

Blythe, Regulatory Analyst

B.S. University of Colorado at Boulder
Colorado native, Blythe enjoys spending her time outdoors hiking, camping, backpacking, and running. She is also an avid yogi and enjoys teaching yoga on the weekends.

Aubrey, Regulatory Analyst

B.A. University of Northern Colorado
Born and raised in Colorado. You can find Aubrey outdoors enjoying everything from Mountain Biking to Paddle boarding to Skiing. She has a love for traveling, dogs, new foods, and her friends and family. Her laugh is contagious and her can do attitude makes her a great fit for the team.

Cory, Regulatory Analyst

B.A., Colorado State University
"Goal oriented, calculated, dependable, and outgoing individual who strives to go above and beyond."
Born and raised in Colorado, Cory enjoys snowboarding in the winter and mentoring young drivers at the racetrack during the summer.

Kaitlyn, Regulatory Analyst

16+ yrs. of experience in the oil and gas industry
“Diligent, positive, and reliable person that is always ready to take on whatever the world throws at her.”
Colorado Native, Kaitlyn enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, music, and time spent with friends and family.

Cristi, Regulatory Analyst

B.A., University of Northern Colorado
Colorado native and automotive enthusiast. Cristi likes to spend time with her family and taking in all that Colorado has to offer.