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We, at Progressive Consulting, believe that building a relationship with the regulatory agencies from the very beginning is critical to the success of the operator in securing their permits to drill.

We educate our team on the "permitting" process as well as all environmental and land survey type procedures. We believe we have set the standard in the oil and gas industry for performing quality work in the regulatory compliance arena. Not only do we help secure Federal, State, City, County, or any other permits, we also assist our clients with their follow up and completion compliance work.

  • Operator Setup and Transfer of Operator
    • Prepare paperwork to set up operator with state, federal, and county agencies
    • Prepare and submit Operator Registration with applicable regulatory agencies
    • Bonding with applicable regulatory agencies and Department of Transportation (Road Bonds and Agreements)
    • Surveyor, cultural, paleo, Division of Wildlife, CDPHE, engineer, and environmental team relationships and partnerships
  • Application for Permit to Drill
    • Comprehensive Drilling Plans
    • Surface Owner Notifications/Consultations
    • Local Government Applications - City and County Special Use Permits
    • Sundry Notices and Permit Modifications - recompletions, re-fracs, repairs, workovers, etc.
    • Notice of Staking
    • Pit/Impoundment Permit Applications
    • Prepare time tables to meet drilling schedule
    • Coal owner/mineral owner/water owner notifications in WV and PA.
    • PNDI search in PA fields
  • Preparation of Tracking Systems:
    • Weekly/Daily permit and completion tracking systems
    • Weekly reports of progress
    • Attend team meetings
  • Monitoring:
    • Ongoing review of rules, regulations and updated requirements to ensure regulatory compliance
    • Ensure all bonding requirements are met with local, state, and federal agencies and secure if needed
    • Monitor and review daily/weekly drilling and completion reports for required actions to be taken (i.e. Notice of Spud, First Sales, First Production, etc.)
    • Monitoring of other permit requirements - ESCGP-1 in PA Work with the team/engineer-consultatnt/state in order to make sure everything is finalized for submittal, and track/follow up with state on review and approval
  • Production Reporting Support:
    • Build production reporting systems
    • Prepare and submit operator reporting paperwork to secure Operator ID
    • Monitor production of wells to gather month end production reporting data
    • Allocation procedures for oil and water production
    • Prepare State and Federal production reports including ONRR OGOR reporting
    • Quality check data
  • Well Completions:
    • Well Record and Completion Reporting and submittal of as-built survey plats, directional surveys and well logs. i.e. Form 5, 5A, 10 (COGCC) and Form WR-35 (WV), Form 8 (OH), etc.
    • FracFocus-Preparation/organization of well/log files both hard copies and digital
    • Wellview, Excalibur, Access, SQL - extensive experience with most oil and gas software programs