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Services List - Ohio

  • Operator Registration and Transfer of Operator
    • Prepare paperwork to set up operator with state, federal, and county agencies
    • Prepare and submit Operator Registration and Bonding with applicable regulatory agencies
    • Prepare and submit Change of Owner (Form 7) with the ODNR for wells and county RUMA transfers
  • Application for Permit to Drill and Associated Forms
    • Prepare required permit Form 1, Oil & Gas Affidavit, Restoration Plan and Road Use Maintenance Affidavit
    • Prepare and track required notifications to surface owners
    • Ongoing review of rules, regulations and updated requirements to ensure regulatory compliance within urbanized and non-urban areas
    • Organize monitor and track permit requirements
    • Prepare UIC Permit Applications for Class II Injection wells with the ODNR
  • Well Completions
    • Well Record and Completion Reporting and submittal of as-built survey plats, directional surveys and well logs and cement tickets
    • FracFocus-Preparation/organization of well/log files both hard copies and digital
    • Wellview, Citrix, Generwell, Excalibur, Access, SQL - extensive experience with most oil and gas software programs
  • Plug and Abandon/ Reclamation
    • Prepare and submit Plugging Application & Right of Entry Release Form
    • Prepare Form 6 for well abandonment and tracking of Site Restoration and Final Reclamation
  • Environmental/ Miscellaneous
    • Manage, track and organize SARA reporting, GHG reporting, SPCC plans, air permitting etc.
    • Prepare permit modifications for location change, cement remediation, change to objective formation or spacing unit, well repair, gross interval change, etc.
    • Prepare potential floodplain permit applications
    • Tracking of baseline water sampling and reporting to the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management (DOGRM)
  • Production and Waste Reporting Support
    • Build production reporting systems. Quality Check Data. Prepare and submit operator reporting paperwork to secure Operator ID
    • Monitor production of wells to gather month end production reporting data
Download this list as a document. OH- Progressive Consulting Services List